Acting on your research

Act on your research

It seems obvious, but acting on your findings means you don’t waste the investment in your research.

Our arts partners report that they have used their qualitative research findings to implement key changes in their organisation, for example:

  • programming strategy
  • access and participation implementation
  • engaging with people with disabilities
  • maximising social enterprise activity
  • website and social media development
  • re-branding
  • raising awareness of the organisation via signage
  • increasing visibility and footfall into a public space
  • targeting new (potential) audiences
  • increasing cross-genre and site-specific work


Keep on researching: build a knowledge bank

It’s a good idea to develop a research habit and not think of your qualitative project as a one-off. Embedding research into every level of your organisation as well as your work with your partners, venues and volunteers will pay off. It will positively affect you and your organisation.

You’ll find you’ll become more confident about researching different audiences and using different methods – there’s no ‘one size fits all’. Things move on – more research will always be needed.


Building on your research findings and experience

A body of research can really have impact on the success of your organisation.  It will guide strategy and investment – and provide a sound basis for evidencing funding applications and attracting potential investors, partners and sponsors.

Top Tips

  • Embed research intelligence into everything that you do in your organisation.
  • The more you do, the more creative and confident you’ll become as a research-led organisation.

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